Sophie`s seasonal cuisine shows you which food is announced in the winter.

Asparagus from Peru, is that necessary? Why are all kinds of fruits and vegetables available at affordable prices in the industrialized countries all year round? That would not have to be - we can supply ourselves well and varied with regional food. Instead of cucumber or lettuce here some winter classics.

Beetroot salad: Cook two tubers of beetroot unpeeled whole, so they don't bleed out. Peel off the skin while still hot, it's very easy. Then cut thin slices with a cucumber slicer, add a finely chopped onion and a marinade of vinegar, sugar, salt and some aniseed powder and mix well. Leave to stand for a day, then serve with olive oil.

White cabbage salad: Halve a small white cabbage head and sift finely. Mix with vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and caraway and then press vigorously with your hands to soften the cabbage. It is also best to let it stand for a day and then add the salad oil. 

Carrot and apple crudités: These are especially liked by children. Grate 2 carrots and 2 apples finely. Then add the juice of one lemon and two oranges, mix it equally so that the apples do become brown, sprinkle with sunflower seeds (maybe roast lightly in the pan) and serve immediately!